The Magic Renz

I’d not heard of him before I met him but if you’re looking for a magician for your wedding day, I can’t recommend The Magic Renz highly enough.

I have always been fascinated by magic. I think I’m quite a clever person, The Wedding Magician, Renzand like to think I can get to grips with most things, but watching a magician perform, knowing you’re about to get tricked, is just such as great feeling.

I met Renz on a cold and wet evening at a bar local to us both. He seemed quite a shy man, quiet but well spoken. I asked how he got into magic in the first place.

“I was always something of a shy person in my teens, and found myself attracted to magic. It was card magic that intrigued me. I realised you could do basic magic tricks using cards based purely on the maths of the deck. After that I experimented and before I knew it I could do some great tricks. I used it as a way to express myself.”

I could see exactly what he meant. When we’re chatting about his history I can still see that nervousness, but when I ask him to show me a trick (a wee gem involving sponge bunnies!) his eyes light up and he comes alive. The transformation is nearly as impressive as the trick itself. Renz is an amazingly comfortable magician.

“At weddings, I like the chemistry of it all,” Renz tells me over his cappuccino. “Some people just love it – kids are the obvious example – but it’s the adults that are always most impressed. Sometimes you get a group of young lads so you can deliver the story with a bit more adult humour, or you might get people who aren’t that interested in magic, so you need to judge your crowd. You want to please the people who are wanting to be pleased, but you don’t want to be pestering those who are simply wanting to enjoy the day.”

“I’m always happy to meet the bride and groom beforehand to talk through their plans and work with them to make sure I add to their day and not get in the way. Entertaining the guests while the photographs are taking place is always a winner. Or around the tables during the meal is another popular choice. I’m happy to travel and can quote for anything from an hour or so right through to spending the whole evening reception with your guests.”

Table Magic from The Magic RenzHaving performed at the VOWS Awards, Girls Day Out and featuring in The Sun newspaper, it’s obvious that Renz’s talents are appreciated across Scotland. Having seen his work first-hand, I can see why. Perfect delivery, excellent presentation, and a manner that will please everyone from your niece to your Nan, Renz would be my first choice if I were marrying this year. And I still haven’t worked out how he managed to staple his business card to my chosen card!

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