Groom’s Speech

So the father of the bride has taken his seat and it’s now time for the groom to rise and start his speech. The groom’s speech is normally the longest speech of them all with a lot of points to cover. It can also be an emotional time as he heaps praise and adoration upon his new wife. I’ve witnessed a few grooms struggle to complete their chosen words so preparation here is key.

The start of the speech is simply thanking the father of the bride for his toast and this should be directed at him directly rather than the guests. Following on from this the groom should thank the guests for attending, again noting those who’ve travelled any sort of distance to be there.

Next the groom will move on to thanking both sets of parents for their support and any contributions made, and this is often a good opportunity to present any gifts or flowers to the mothers.

Compliments to the bride follows next, and here is where it can be a little difficult. Some can take this in their stride, delivering heartfelt words in a strong and confident tone, while others find the words hard to get out as the occasion overcomes them. I’ve seen both, and while nobody will judge the groom, the groom himself will feel the pressure! The only advice I can give is to practice, practice, practice, and if the words are still too emotional, then change them slightly while maintaining the tone.

Thanks to the best man are next on the agenda, and here it can be livened up slightly. The groom will know he is about to be set up by the best man so this is an opportunity to make him as uncomfortable as possible beforehand. A story outlining him as an outright liar is always a popular choice, as you aim to undermine him.

Lastly, thanks are offered to the bridesmaids, if there are any, as well as any gifts that you may have for them.

And with this, the groom takes his seat and waits for the embarassment that is surely due to follow!

Best Man Speech