Wedding Photographers

When it comes to choosing your photographer, the driving factor will always be personal taste.

There are a great number of very skilled and talented photographers in Scotland, and a variety of styles from which to choose.  The wedding magazines that line the shelves have examples of what you can expect from your photographer and the styles of album generally available.

Traditional albums can be a simple affair where photographs are mounted onto pages of an album.  Simple as they may be, the effect can be very pleasing if done well, and often, when cost is a factor, the traditional album is an ideal option.


Wedding PhotographsThese days, photographers really earn their fee when they are asked to do something a little more contemporary.  The more experienced companies use the powers of photo manipulation to create stunning effects in what could be seen as a more standard photograph.  The results can often be outstanding, but they really are very much a question of taste.

Once you have chosen a photographer that suits your style, the next thing will be the package.  The options are never ending and to try to list them all would be a waste of time at best, and boring at worst.  Your photographs are your window back in time to your big day so this may not be the area you look to save a few pounds.  The least you will want is an album, but you will find the range on offer to be extensive. From pocket books to canvas to desktop calendars, the choice is endless.

While your photographs will be your everlasting reminder of your perfect day, try not to let your photographer dictate your day.  Too many hours are lost to a bold and brassy photographer ordering guests around to get that perfect shot.  While it does take a certain amount of organisation to get the larger group shots, you should try to ensure that your photographer doesn’t take up a significant part of your day.  Agree beforehand how long you want your photographs to take, but you should look at between two and three hours in total to ensure you get enough pictures to have a good choice for your final shots. You should also agree beforehand the photgraphs you definitely want – group shots, bride’s family, groom’s family, the wedding cars – anything you want, make sure the photographer knows beforehand.

The photographer will generally own the rights to your photographs.  This means if you require additional prints you will need to ask for copies.  Some packages include a disc of photographs which will allow you to print your own copies however this is generally at an additional cost, if it’s available at all.

It’s difficult to place a cost on a photographer as it is very much dependent on what you require on the day, and what you intend to purchase on the day.  A photographer who attends only the ceremony and provides a disc of shots may cost around £750, while one who visits the bride at home and stays for the duration is likely to cost significantly more.

As always, ask for recommendations and visit two or three photographers before you commit.  And remember, your photographs will be your lasting reminder of your wedding day, so choose carefully to make sure the end result is something you’ll be happy with 20 years from now.