Wedding Flowers

Wedding FlowersWedding flowers are undeniably one of the most important features of the wedding day. A well presented flower arrangement can really make a difference, and help create the mood you are looking for. In terms of cost, the average in Scotland is between £300 and £500, but as with all things to do with weddings, the only limit is your own budget. The price is driven a lot by the seasons, so if you are looking for a particular flower out of season you should expect to pay a little more. Additionally, weddings around occasions such as Valentine’s Day can also push the overall cost of your flowers up.

You should try to set a budget as early in your wedding planning as possible. This means that your florist will be able to tell you at the outset how far your budget will go. It’s amazing how many flowers arrangement there can be at a wedding so by letting your florist know what you wish to spend they will be able to plan ahead.

Every bride will want a bouquet – it is the one floral arrangement expected by everyone. Your florist will be able to discuss the arrangement and shapes with you but expect to pay between £35.00 and £100 for a bouquet.

Bridesmaids also carry bouquets that are often a smaller version of the brides. These can cost around £45.00 each so if you have a number of bridesmaids and your budget is an issue, hair flowers may be a cheaper alternative.

The groom, best man, ushers and father of the bride will normally have buttonholes on their jackets or blazers. A lot of the wedding party will wear buttonholes but you should not be expected to provide for everyone. Buttonholes can have a ribbon through them that matches either the bridesmaids dress or even the kilt if that is what is being worn. It is also quite common for the groom to have a slightly different buttonhole to the rest of the wedding party, generally with a fancier flower arrangement. Buttonholes are around £7.00 per piece.

If you are marrying in a church, you could decorate the end of each pew (£15-£35.00 each) as well as have arrangements on pedestals (£50-£100.00). For those having a civil ceremony, an arrangement on the registrar’s table can cost anywhere from £30.00 to £100.00, but this can easily be transferred to your top table to not only reuse a display that won’t have been seen much, but also save you a bit of money too.

Finally, you’ll probably want to have floral centrepieces to your tables which will be there through the wedding meal and on into the evening. The cost of these will depend very much on the arrangement but expect to pay from £25.00 for a basic display, £75.00 for a larger display involving candles and mirrors, with the top end pretty much being limited by your imagination and your budget!

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