Wedding Cars

Your neighbours will see them, they’ll feature in your wedding photos, and you may well spend a fair while in them on the day. While cars are generally seen as something the groom is more concerned about, it’s the bride who will more than likely spend more time in them. So what do you need to consider when looking at your wedding cars, and wedding transport on a whole?

Most wedding car companies will have a fleet of vehicles for you to chooWedding Carse from, with modern vehicle alongside older, classic vehicles. Cost is a huge factor and will more than likely be at the forefront of the vehicle choice. Some firms will calculate cost using mileage, while others will use time. If you’re journey from your home to the ceremony involves a large number of motorway miles, you may find it cheaper using a firm charging by the hour rather than the mile. Conversely, if your venue is in the middle of the countryside, it may take a while to get there but only cover a few miles.

In terms of the vehicle, a bride needs to consider how easy it will be to get into and out of the car in her wedding dress. A classic car may have a low roof and small doors that would make entry and exit in a dress with a long trail difficult. Comfort is also very important, especially for those who are travelling a long distance. The suspension on some vehicles can leave a lot to be desired and you should bear that in mind. Any reputable company will allow you have a test drive in the back to see how comfortable the ride is.

You will also need to consider how many cars you will need. The main car is usually for the bride and her father, however for smaller wedding parties you may find a single car is sufficient. If you are having a larger wedding with a number of bridesmaids, you may wish to have a couple of cars. You may then want to make sure the cars are of a similar style, design and colour. While not a necessity, it will look better in your photographs, and as you tootle along on the way to your venue.

If you are getting married in one place and then holding your wedding reception at another, you should make the firm aware of this so it can be factored into pricing.

Finally, you will need to consider the needs of your guests. If you are from a town in Scotland and intend to marry somewhere a little further afield, you may wish to look at hiring a coach to ferry your guests from a set location within the town and back again at the end of the night. Your guests are far more likely to attend if they know the travel arrangements have been taken care of. A number of wedding car companies also offer coach hire at discounted rates to those booking their cars, so check before you book anything.

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