Wedding InvitationsYour invitations will be the first glimpse of what is to come for your guests. While it is inevitable that the majority will know the basic details of the date, a formal invite allows you to give more specifics while hinting at the style of your day.

Invitations were originally sent from the bride’s parents, inviting guests to attend the wedding of their daughter to some lucky gentleman.  This is a rare occurrence for the modern wedding as the tradition of the bride’s father paying the costs has fallen to the wayside.

Today’s invitations tend to be more informal, with  the engaged couple requesting the pleasure of the company of the guests around three months before the date, and responses are normally requested to be sent directly back.  A typical day invitation could read as follows:

Lucy Jane Smith
Noah James Campbell
request the pleasure of your company at their marriage at
Airth Castle, Falkirk
at 2pm on 19th May 2012
and afterwards at
Airth Castle Spa and Resort

There are a huge range of suppliers to choose from.  The large card retailers such as Hallmark now offer pre-printed day and evening invitations which can prove to be very cost effective, with a decent range for you to choose from.

A quick search on the internet reveals a host of suppliers eager to create a more bespoke service, with hand made offerings embellished with bows, ribbons and pre-printed inserts to save you a little time.  Most of these suppliers will be happy to provide samples at your request and it would be foolish to order without first seeing a physical example of their handywork.  Professional suppliers are also likely to be able to provide matching place cards and seating plans.  Expect to pay anywhere from £2 upwards for handmade invitations.

Finally, for those creative people, there’s the option of making your own.  The cost savings here can be huge with invitations costing as little as 50p and your time.  Having full creative control over this process means you can ensure you get your invitations looking exactly how you imagined them.  Before you start purchasing your supplies, bear in mind the time it will take to create each invitation.  Losing interest halfway through, or realising you still have a thousand other things to do, will only add stress to what can often be an already stressful situation.

Companies such as Choice Stationery Supplies and Stationery Direct supply a selection of items for creating your own invitations, such as card, envelopes and embellishments.  If you are creating your own invitations and intend to print the inserts, check that you have enough ink in your printer.

While you will spend a lot of time and money on your invitations, remember, once they are sent, it is unlikely that you will ever see one again so try not to let this part of the process take over your life.