Bridal Hair and Make Up

Getting your hair and make up done on your wedding day is where it all starts for the bride. According to a recent survey, hair and make up are the next things your wedding guests notice after the dress itself. It’s for this reason that a bit of time, care and planning is needed to ensure you really are looking your best.


Ask any man where he gets his hair cut and I doubt very much whether he has a preference. Normally cheapest is best, and while you may find a gent who uses the same establishment, I’d bet you a free haircut he’s not fussy who actually cuts his hair. As well all knowWedding Hairstyle, finding a hairdresser who a woman is comfortable with can take a lot of time, and maybe the odd dodgy cut along the way. The difference with your wedding style is that you will probably be doing something a little different, such as styling around a tiara or flowers, and the style is not something that you would wear every day. It’s for this reason that a lot of brides to be choose to use a professional wedding stylist for their wedding day rather than their usual hairdresser.

A wedding stylist will have a wealth of experience in creating something a little special, incorporation items such as ribbons, bows, flowers and tiaras into the style. You will also find a wedding stylist is able to create something that is able to stand up to the rigours of what is almost definitely a very long day over which the Scottish weather could provide you with four seasons in one day. Your wedding stylist will also ensure your hair will look especially good in your wedding photos which will be your lasting memory of your wedding day.

If you’ve not considered a wedding stylist for your hair, you may wish to contact one and arrange a consultation. Many will do this free of charge and you might be surprised at the options available to you.

Make Up

Every woman has paid to have their hair styled – hairdressers are everywhere and trying to get an appointment can sometimes be unbelievably difficult. But not many women have their make up done for them, and the wedding day presents a perfect time for something a little special.

Wedding Make UpA make up artist will carry out a trial with you and anyone else you wish to include such as bridesmaids, where you can let them know what you are looking for. The trial will give you an idea of what you will look and feel like on your big day, as well as allowing you to see how long it may take. Colour schemes, themes, skin tone and condition products can all be discussed to make sure you look stunning as you stand in front of your friends and family.

You may find that a number of stylists are also make up artists, and this can often be a little easier as you have one person arranging everything for you. If you decide to use two different people for your hair and make up, make sure you discuss timings with both parties as you will need to leave enough time for each of them to do their thing.

My number one tip for your hair and make up is PREPARATION! By the time the day comes, you want to be completely confident in the styles of both, and also comfortable with how long it is going to take. Feeling rushed or anxious is not a good way to start the day.

Take a look at our Wedding Directory for a number of stylists and make up artists in Scotland.